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SeaSucker Flex-X Phone Mount

SeaSucker Flex-X Phone Mount

RAM® Mount’s innovative X-Grip holder for cell phones and other small electronics pairs up nicely with the 4.5″ SeaSucker. You can mount it just about anywhere, and the bendable arm gives you all the positional flexibility you could ask for. This is our favorite mount for cell phones. Standard holds items up to 3.25"

  • Size & Specs

    • - Standard holds items up to 3.25"
    • - Phone grip manufactured by RAM®
    • - 4.5" SeaSucker Low Profile Vacuum Mount with two stainless 1/4-20 inserts in the top and side
    • - 11.5" Total Height (flex arm is 7" long and includes 1/4-20 threaded studs on each end)
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