Planar 44D Diesel Air Heater

Planar 44D Diesel Air Heater

12 Volt

13,600 Max BTU

41-70 ft³/min

0.03-0.13 gal/hr

0.8-5.2 Amps

17.6 lbs

16.7 in x 6.2 in x 6.3 in


Optional Marine kit includes Thru hull, fuel filter, exhaust sealer, and mounting bracket.

  • Typical uses

    Often installed in boats up to 28', motorhomes.

  • Standard Installation kit

    Planar 44D-12 - diesel air heater      
    Inline metering fuel pump                      
    Fuel line, 5.5 m                                        
    Fuel pick-up stand pipe                        
    Plastic fuel tank 7L.                              
    Stainless steel flexible exhaust, 3 ft.        
    Exhaust clamp                                      
    Combustion air intake hose, 2 ft.                         
    Remote wired controller                      
    Fuel pump el. cable, 6 m.                      
    Power cable with fuses                        
    Set of fasteners and brackets              

  • Marine Kit

    Optional Marine Kit includes 24-mm Thru Hull, mounting bracket, exhaust sealer, and fuel filter.