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Planar 2D Heater Kit

Heater kit contains Planar 2D diesel heater standard installation kit, thru hull, fuel filter, and mounting bracket

  • Technical Specs

    12 Volt

    6,200 Max BTU

    14-44 ft3/min

    0.03-0.06 gal/hr

    0.8-2.42 Amps

    15.4 lbs

    12.8 in x 4.6 inx 4.7 in

  • Standard Installation kit

    Planar 2D - diesel air heater    
     Inline metering fuel pump                  
     Fuel line, 5.5m                                          
     Fuel pick-up stand pipe                      
     Stainless steel flexible exhaust, 3 ft.       
     Exhaust clamp                                    
     Combustion air intake hose, 2 ft.                     
     Remote wired controller                      
     Fuel pump el. cable, 6 m.                    
     Power cable with fuses                      
     Set of fasteners and brackets