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Lonestar Marine Haulmaster 1500-PH

Lonestar Marine Haulmaster 1500-PH

Fully modular system for hauling pots, drop lines, longlines, downrigging, longlining, and more!

Fully sealed & fabricated from marine rated aluminium, the HAULMASTER is no lightweight. Frame and boom are 50mm OD with 6mm (1/4 inch) wall thickness. Both can be trimmed to suit your vessel and purpose.

Massive 1500W motor and 98mm gearset ensures maximum torque for the longest life. There are no free-hanging cables to trip over. The HAULMASTER includes an IP67 plug with 16ft twin sheath cable rated to 120 amp.


  • -Modular Line Hauling System
  • -Fully Sealed1500w Drive
  • -Removable Power Lead with IP67 Plug
  • -Proprietary 300mm power sheave grips rope from 6mm-14mm with no slippage for hands free hauling
  • -No need to tie off when swinging pot into the boat
  • -Lift & Locking pins for easy positioning
  • -Self-Coiling rope guide
  • -Large sheave easily hauls pots or drop lines at 50m per minute
  • -Use the capstan for slower retrieval, extra heavy loads, or is slippage is required
  • -Large Sheave: 350lb max pull & 150lb recommended working load
  • -Capstan: 700lb snatch load (boom must be cut to suit heavier weights)
  • -3 piece design can be bolted or assembled with included PTO Clips for fast disassembly
  • -50mm OD aluminium w/6mm wall thickness on frame and boom
  • -Frame post & boom can be cut to suit your vessel & purpose
  • -Through gunnel or inside gunnel mounting options
  • -All mounting fittings, frame, boom, open Foble sheave, pot hook, and lead are included
  • -5 Year Recreational/3 Year Commercial Warranty


The HAULMASTER 1500 is proudly Australian Made



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